Monday, November 30, 2009

the cure

So I know you all were on the edge of your seats waiting to hear how we cured the worlds worst diaper rash. When my boys were in diapers they never had anything that a little Desitin didn't cure. But Ansley...let me just say I have never seen a diaper rash like this. This rash was so awful and nothing was working to heal it, that I was so close to taking her to the doctor for it. It was really heart breaking, so I feel compelled to let the world know what we found that worked. We had many suggestions from friends on what to use and we tried it all.

Anything from homemade Grandaddy's butt paste, to baking soda baths, to over the counter diaper rash creams. And the winner is.....Bag Balm!

It is actually made for cow udders....yes I said cow udders, to prevent chafing. I was very skeptical but I was desperate...and I found out that Walgreens carries it. So at 10:30 at night I drove out to purchase a can of it. And within a day there was significant change and our little happy girl was back.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

11 months

I can't believe next month we will be taking her 1 year picture. Some would be sad that their baby is growing up. Not me, I enjoy each stage and look forward to a new one. It's fun to see her little personality come out, see her more independent in getting around, comprehending more of what we say to her and finding new ways to communicate with us (usually by whining or crying...we have to work on that one), wanting to be entertained by her brothers (especially when they try to get her to laugh...because you know older brothers are quite funny), humors us by giving her little courtesy laugh and loves to smile at anyone who will look her way. She is typically pretty content (except last week when we were battling the worst diaper rash in history...more to come on that). It's hard to remember what our family was like before God gave us this little munchkin...we definitely love her to pieces.

Had to put that picture in there...sad isn't it? This was the week of diaper rash...(to be continued).

Friday, November 27, 2009

my favorite time of the year

Yesterday we had a great feast with great friends...but I didn't get one photo of the whole thing. Let's just say there was incredible food (and as always I ate too much), great fellowship and we ended the evening with singing (that's a tradition I would love to keep).

So because of a lack of photos I will post on what we did today....decorated for Christmas. Each year the kids get older and each year decorating gets more fun. And as the kids get older they help more and the decorating goes much faster. We dug out of storage our few boxes of decorations, put the tree up, trimmed it and put all the empty storage containers away in the span of Ansley's morning nap. So here are a few photos of the fun.
When we got Ansley up from her nap, her face lit up as she saw this sparkly, bright tree in her play space. Once we set her down she headed straight for it and tried to grab any ornament she could reach. Fortunately, we learned with Jude that putting our tree on the coffee table and keeping all ornaments on the second row of branches, lessens the times we have to say "no touch". But our determined little girl still managed to grab a couple of low ones before we could get to her.

Monday, November 23, 2009

hiking to the falls

Before we started off on our adventure there was much work to do...finding logs and stacking them in a big know, just in case we needed to build a fire or something.
Then we were delayed a little bit so we could watch the garbage truck lift a huge dumpster...nature is an interesting thing.
Finally we were off. Ansley got the best view and didn't even break a sweat the whole time.

Along the way we saw views like this...and found the original Pali road. I can't imagine how bumpy that ride would have been.Then we finally made it to the falls and the kids had a blast climbing up the rocks, splashing in the pools, and sliding down the muddy slippery falls.
That looks like trouble. Not quite sure what they were scheming in this picture.
Jude took a short break to "fish" a bit with the stick he need to worry, no fish were harmed...because, well, there weren't any fish in this stream since it is a run-off of the mountains.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

pumpkin doughnuts

We made pumpkin doughnuts last year and have decided to make this a tradition...making them the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It would be a fun Thanksgiving tradition but it would be a bit much to make these plus do all the rest of the cooking and baking that goes on that day...since it is a bit time consuming and messy. But I must say all of the time and mess is so worth it. My boys love these as well and Jason loves me so much that he even tried a "bite". So if you would like the recipe, I posted it on a recipe blog (last year) that I have with some friends of mine.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

our little girl

I thought I would jot down some random facts about Ansley...for the records:

- this little girl is my eat anything kid. She just gobbled down avocado and cut up pieces of kiwi in this picture. I love my husband dearly but his picky-ness with food has produced an obsession in me to make sure I do not have picky children myself. So if the books say 10 month old babies can eat it...I give it to her. Besides the basic foods (carrots, peas, applesauce, etc.), this includes zucchini, spinach, watermelon, beans, legumes and cottage cheese. Amazingly she eats it all and honestly it kind of shocks me.

- she is very noisy lately, not so much baby talk but just "singing" as we like to call it. Every-once-in-a-while she will say a "ba-ba" and "ma-ma" and I swear it sounds like she says "hiiiii" when someone comes in the door. She likes to give us "high fives" and points to the light when we say light.

heads-up: This video might be a bit boring if you are not a grandma or auntie of Ansley because it is a bit long.

- this poor child has been given the nickname "chunka-munka" because her adorable, squeezable baby chub. Jude loves to say to her in his sweet baby talk voice that he uses when he talks to her, "hey, chunka-munka grilll"...that is not a typo, he says grill instead of girl.

- this little girl loves to flash her big toothy smile at anyone that will look her way and then quickly hide her face. She has turned into this little giggly, smiley kid and we have gotten a lot of comments lately on how happy she is. For a while we weren't so sure about her moody disposition (many times we called her high maintenance) but are glad to see this side of her coming out.

- I guess growing up at the beach tends to make kids fearless when it comes to water, so we have another developing little fish that doesn't seem to mind water even when a wave comes and knocks her over...don't worry we are supervising her.

- lately Ansley has gotten frustrated when she is trying to move something that just won't budge or if the boys are bugging her. She lets out this frustrated growl/scream. Very funny to watch such a little thing with such determination. Tonight I was watching her flip through one of her board books with little flip up pictures and she was trying to flip one of the pictures...the wrong way. So since it wasn't flipping up, she let out her growl and the next thing I knew she ripped it off. Guess I'll be taping that back on.

- she is at the point now where she is trying to take some steps but it usually ends up being about 2 and then she just falls forward...sometimes when we're there and sometimes when no one is around and she falls straight on her belly. She is one tough kid though and can take the tumbles without missing a beat. She usually just smiles at us and moves on. I have a feeling this busy little girl is not going to be one of those pretty-pretty princess type girls.

- Ansley has this little habit of pinching. Usually when I am holding her, she finds the skin on the back of my arm or the skin on my neck and pinches it with her little nails...not maliciously but more as a comfort thing (maybe?). Because of it, she gets her nails trimmed quite often.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Matthew study

As I was preparing for my Bible study for tomorrow night I read this quote:

"Apart from repentance we will all resist Jesus."

I talk to my children all day about repentance and truly being sorry, but then I don't examine my own heart and truly see my need for repentance. But that is what Jesus' message is "Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near." (Matthew 4:17) It's not about showing God my list of things that I do...but it's simply- repent out of a broken and contrite heart. Then the Holy Spirit can help me to bear fruit (Matthew 3:8) that brings glory to God.

Such a good easily I forget the gospel message.

Friday, November 13, 2009

feeling the beat

After Ansley did this little "dance" move a few times, I realized it was right after I pushed the button on the toy that played the lullaby song. Not sure where she picked it up. Maybe it was from her rhythm challenged brothers...or maybe she just has some natural talent.

side comment: I didn't realize how weird I sounded when I talk "baby talk" to Ansley. At least she's a baby and doesn't seem to mind.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 09, 2009


Our small group was over last night for our fellowship/food gathering we have every other week. This week our theme was crepes...the choices were savory or sweet. Believe it or not I don't ever remember having crepes before...but let's just say I will definitely be eating them again. And Nutella...what an amazing chocolaty-nutty food.This was our crepe professional. He had a real crepe maker and all the tools, so he did all the work and we did all the eating.And we did have other guys at this gathering but for some reason they tend to shy away from the camera. So thanks to my honey for representing the other men there by giving this great smile...actually it's one of those fake "just hurry up and take my picture" smiles. But thanks anyway for taking one for the team.And these little munchkins got to enjoy a savory and sweet crepe before bedtime. As you can see by their faces they are big fans.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I think I might patent this...thumb covers to help in kicking the habit of thumb sucking. Maybe I could call them thumb cozies.

Jude's habit has become pretty obsessive, so I felt I had to take drastic measures. Regular old band-aids weren't doing the trick and the bitter tasting polish you can paint on the nail didn't faze him either...he's my kid that will eat a lemon. So I had an idea when I saw these little kids gloves at Target at $1.27 for two pairs (not a high demand for gloves in Hawaii) and cut off the fingers...wa-la, the temptation to put his thumb in his mouth was impeded by a fuzzy covered thumb.

Cruel you say? Actually he thinks it's pretty cool and doesn't complain...although I'm tired of people asking "Jude is your thumb cold?".

Monday, November 02, 2009

pumpkin carving...a little late

A day late but we got our pumpkin carved.