Tuesday, January 30, 2007

biter biscuits

I don't think this picture captures just how messy Jude was but thanks to Gerber, Jude was covered in slimy, gushy, gummed up biter biscuits. I thought they would be a nice treat on the way home to keep Jude entertained while we made the long trek back (before nap time) from the other side of the island. Well we were successful in the entertainment part but Gerber needs to put a warning on how messy their biter biscuits are when mixed with saliva. I need to go back out to the car to wash out the car seat and whatever else Jude touched.

Friday, January 26, 2007

day at the farm

Ethan, Jude and I went out to the far west side of the island today to spend the morning at my friend Julie's friends (Koleen) house. She told me her friend had a farm with horses and tractors and a beautiful new house. I knew Ethan would love it and I figured Jude could just take his nap out there while we walked around the pastures and enjoyed the outdoors. Well we had a blast but I should have known a farm in Hawaii is different than a farm on the mainland. It was a 2 acre lot with a chain link fence and houses on either side. It was still incredibly peaceful and had a panoramic view of the mountains. But it made me laugh because I was picturing rolling hills and barb wire fences with miles between the houses. But I guess when you live on an island you can't have that much space.

None the less, Ethan loved playing with his buddy Jed and they got so dirty and ran around so much that Ethan came home and fell right asleep for his nap. He's asked me about 3 times since we've been home if we can go back and see the horses and tractors. It was a boys paradise...dirt, rocks, animals and machines.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

womens retreat

My time lately has been spent with WIC activities. I have a refreshed outlook on this ministry since the new year and I am really excited to see the opportunities that God is presenting. One of them being our womens retreat coming up in April. Both of our Bible studies are studying the book Peacemaking Women and my friend Anne told me about the possibility of one of the authors, Tara Barthel, coming to speak at our retreat. So we've been looking at possible dates and other details and it looks like it will work. I have been challenged so much by this book and I have seen how God is changing parts of my life to be more obedient to how he has called me to be. I hope and pray that God will use this retreat to challenge not only myself but other ladies that are going to attend...and above all that God will be glorified.

Friday, January 19, 2007

standing tall

Well we've entered that new stage. Jude is standing on his own more and more. He hasn't taken any steps yet but thinks it's really funny to fall forward and let me catch him.
I don't think he can do two things at once yet so smiling and standing at the same time will probably come later. I think right now he puts all of his concentration into balancing.

Friday, January 12, 2007

the big 1-0

Jude is 10 months old today. I think I say this every time but time is flying by. Jude's new accomplishments have been: moving to chunks of food and feeding himself, standing for a few seconds on his own without holding onto anything, figuring out how to be funny so we will smile and laugh at him, babbling baby talk and screaming when someone is bothering him or won't let him do something.

We took a trip to the park to feed the ducks to celebrate. Jude didn't seem as impressed by it all but sat there quietly and soaked it all in. Ethan on the other hand couldn't stop talking about it. We are still working on the difference between ducks and pigeons. They are always hanging out together so Ethan calls them all ducks.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the wind-up

I'm not sure where Ethan got this from. And maybe my family will only think this is funny because he first did it when they were here. We were at the Pearl Harbor memorial and he stepped out of line and started swinging his arm around. It looked like some sort of disco move.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Friday, January 05, 2007

bath time fun

Bath time is so much fun! I am so glad that they enjoy it so much. When I turn on the water Jude crawls to the bathroom as fast as he can and Ethan is usually undressed before I can say "bath time".

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Ethan and I have been reading a book from the library about auto mechanics. He has been fascinated by them ever since....what is it with boys and their cars? :o) So when Jason was changing out the brakes on the car Ethan couldn't stop talking about being a "chanic". He watched Jason so intently and wanted to help in any way he could.