Sunday, February 24, 2008

first snow day

It snowed while we were here in St. Louis (yippee!)...well actually it's sleet and some freezing rain on top. Even though this was the boys first experience with snow they seemed to know exactly what to do...and the cold didn't even seem to bother these tropical weather boys (or this tropical weather girl). Jude had to think it over first before he really got into the snow thing. Then he realized that snow tastes really good.
Ethan figured out that frozen sleet was way fun because you didn't even have to use a sled.
And the best part of the snow was hanging out with the cousins who, since the moment we arrived, have been inseparable.

And to top off their first snow experience, they made up their own game of "throw chunks of ice into the street". Apparently it was the best game ever...or at least a close second to "putting pieces of ice on top of their heads to look like different animals"...Jude was really amused.

Monday, February 18, 2008

all I want is my two front teeth

Of course the day we leave for a trip a couple thousand miles away, Jude knocks his chin on the side of the tub and chips his front two teeth. And it happens to fall on a day that is a holiday and our dentist's office is closed. Thankfully he didn't knock them out and after we had a dentist friend come look at it, it looks like a minor chip that doesn't need any repair...Jude just has a little jagged-tooth smile now. But even with two chipped teeth he's still the cutest 2 year old we know.

what are these?

These are socks. As I was packing and getting overwhelmed by the bulkiness of "winter" clothes I suddenly remembered that my flip-flops may not be the best choice for winter footwear...which is too bad because that is all I own now. So I had to dig around my drawer to find these. I almost forgot what socks were since it's been so long since I've worn them. I'm glad to know now that my feet will be warm...maybe a little outdated (I'm not sure if printed socks are very cool anymore)....and no, I will not be wearing socks with my flip-flops. I did purchase a clearance pair of shoes that cover my toes. Apparently "winter" shoes aren't as popular here so you can find pretty good prices.

all checked off

WIC Council meeting...check. Jason's party...check. Valentine fundraiser dinner put on by the youth group...check. Pack winter clothes and anything else warm we can find...check. Has this week flown by or what? We're loaded up on Airborne and we're packing the last minute odds and ends that we need for the trip. Not looking foward to our red-eye flight tonight but St. Louis here we come!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

happy (early) birthday

Last night we had an early birthday party for Jason to celebrate is big 3-0 birthday (his real birthday is another week and a half away). Since the boys and I are going to be gone on his actual birthday, we wanted to do something special for him before we left on our trip. There's nothing better then being with friends, laughing, playing games and having great fellowship. We are thankful for good friends...and Jason is thankful for the big pack of Mountain Dew he received as a gift.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentines day!

Our cookies are made and valentine's delivered...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the shaka

Today during our Bible lesson for school Ethan said, while looking at the picture of baby Moses in a basket:

"Look mommy, baby Moses is doing the shaka."

Only a kid living in Hawaii would know what a shaka is. I didn't even know he knew that.

Friday, February 08, 2008

women's ministry in the local church

I just read this in the book Women's Ministry in the Local Chuch by Ligon Duncan and Susan Hunt for our WIC Council meeting tomorrow. It was just what I needed to hear/read. A great reminder:

"If we're not captivated by the beauty and significance of the church, we will lack the motive-force to serve her because when we begin to serve God's people we quickly discover that they hurt and disappoint us. A biblical ecclesiology reminds us that we have the privilege of following in our Savior's footsteps and loving those who are not in and of themselves lovely."

The book goes on to say:

"...we will never be able to sustain the call to service that God has given to us...It is only the grace of Christ that enables us to persevere."

I echo this prayer at the end of the chapter:

"...that He will give me particular love for the place and people where He has assigned me."

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

project crown

Two more orders filled. My friend wanted me to make some baby gifts for her friend and cousin. So she asked for Winnie the Pooh and blue camo...not my first choice but you have to do what the customer wants. So you can't tell in the pictures but the diaper bag has pockets all around the outside (front and sides) and the babies name is on the outside in a coordinating fabric.

She then wanted coordinating onesies and burpies (I forgot to take pictures of the Winnie the Pooh ones).

And I title this post "project crown" because I am saving up to get a crown put on my tooth...first gray hair and then this. Apparently, even with insurance, those babies are expensive. So the money I make from my projects goes toward a crown for my cracked tooth. I'm 1/8 of the way there! Not quite what I wanted to spend my money on but that is life.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

responsibility chart

Ethan got the Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart for Christmas from his Grandma Wood. He loves completing a chore and putting a smiley face by it...he even has done a couple of chores without my prompting, just so he could put a smiley face on the chart. I see a future list maker in the father like son. So after figuring out what chores we wanted Ethan to do, we set it up on his chart. They are fairly simple for him right now (i.e. brush teeth, get dressed, pick up toys, etc.) but we did add a few that are new to him (i.e. make bed, set table, feed pet, etc.).
So after using this chart for a couple of weeks I started thinking that maybe I needed a chart...not with smiley faces or magnets, but a schedule to follow. I've been convicted lately about my laziness. So on my refrigerator I have my morning "chores" and my weekly "chores". And it's amazing to see how I use my time better when I have a plan (a flexible one but it is a plan). And I know that my example is what my children will learn from, so I hope that stewardship, responsibility, doing a job for the betterment of the community (family) and seeing a job that needs to be done and doing it without needing rewards (money or prizes) will be instilled in them...that is my prayer.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Here's the latest in pictures of the kiddo's...and me. Ethan wanted to try out his picture taking skills again.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

have your cake and eat it (lick it) too

There is nothing better than chocolate in the form of cake. Only 1 year olds can look cute doing this.

Friday, February 01, 2008

a great day to fly a kite?

Ethan and Jude got this great kite for Christmas from our neighbors. I'm not sure who was more excited to fly the Stealth F-117 Nighthawk with a 52" wingspan, Ethan or Jason.

After I reminded Jason that this was the boys kite, he let them have a turn at flying it.

First Ethan......and then Jude got a turn.

The strong gusts of wind from the ocean were a bit scary at times and after the kite did a few low ground swoops, which caused mass chaos and us yelling to our children RUN, RUN....we then decided maybe it was a little too windy. The last straw was a very strong gust of wind blowing the string out of Jason's hand and blowing the kite all the way down the field with Jason running as fast as he could after it. I would have put up pictures except I was laughing too hard and didn't get a picture of it.

This is what the strong gusts caused as well...enormous waves. Before we left I went to snap a few pictures of the waves and we ended up seeing some whales swimming around (whale season is from February-March)...quite a treat. So even though it wasn't a great day for flying a kite it was still a pretty fun day.