Tuesday, July 27, 2010

hike of a lifetime

Not that our anniversary hike wasn't special but this hike was quite the feat for me. I hiked this with some friends of mine a couple of weeks ago. It is a "trail" here on Oahu called the Stairway to Heaven...and the whole trail is actually a stairway...3,900 steps to be exact. So I had to document this because I'm pretty sure I won't be doing it again. Not because it wasn't amazing but because my legs and arms would give up in protest. We started off early in the morning...sun just coming up kind-of-early and we hiked half of it in the clouds. Which means mist and wind. We summited after about 1 1/2 hours and couldn't see a thing because we were sitting in a cloud. So after some rest, a snack and some photos of the old military satellite tower (kind of LOST looking) that is the destination point, we headed back down...just as the clouds started clearing away which are the amazing pictures that you see below....breathtaking (thanks to my friend with a great camera).

Half way down point...giving my arms a break. Thanks to someone in our group who had an extra glove because most of the way down was using your arms to "swing" down (using the railing) or "slide" your hand down the rail.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

the big 10 anniversary

Well I didn't meet my goal of blogging every day for a week...but I have a good excuse. Jason and I got to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary by having a night away while our friend, O who has been living with us for the past couple of weeks, watched our kiddo's for us. It has been over 8 years since Jason and I got to get away, just the two of us. I highly recommend having weekends away with your spouse. So we started off with a hike because before getting married and then before kids, we always enjoyed hiking together. We tackled the Diamond Head trail which isn't a great feat but it did have amazing views of Waikiki. It's actually an extinct volcano that the military used for defense by building lookouts and posts along the rim. We were the geeky hikers who read all the signs and the brochure on the history....Hawaiian and military. Then we headed off to the Moana Surfrider Hotel in Waikiki which is the first hotel built on Oahu back in 1901. It was beautiful with all of its architectural detail. We had our fancy anniversary dinner there and then watched the fireworks on the beach. You can't get anymore romantic than that. The next day we played tourist and saw Iolani palace and other historical buildings downtown, then headed out to the North Shore to browse around, get some frozen mochi and then head home where our friend then had a surprise party waiting for us with some of our good friends. What a fun and memorable anniversary. Here's to the next ten!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

reading reward

Ethan has been working on his reading this summer and to add a little twist to it we decided that for every ten books he read he got to pick an activity to do together. So last week he read his 10 books and said he wanted to go on a hike to the waterfall. So today as a family we all headed out there and had quite a fun time.

nature's slip-n-slide

You do what you have to do when you don't have a child carrier backpack.

holding on for dear life

and of course when a boy sees running water he automatically starts trying to dam up the water to see if they can make a bigger pool to play in.

eating ice cream...yum!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the many sides of Jude

Jude is my imaginative kid. He likes to dress in character....something his older brother never seemed to be into. Some days he stays in one character, other days it changes a few times. The different characters usually appear after reading a story or watching his favorite hero, Davy Crockett. Here's just a taste of some of his creations: This "knife" (play-dough that is) rubber-banded to his leg came about after we were reading about the judges in the Bible and this particular day was about Ehud who killed the evil king Eglon with his double-edged sword that was strapped to his thigh under his cloak. Jude then decided he had to strap his "knife" on his leg for easy access while fighting the evil kings. He didn't understand why I made him take it off when we would go into the store.Quite often we see Jude sporting his helmet...whether he's riding his bike or not. At least his head is extra protected while he plays.On this particular day he changed characters quite a bit. First was flying goggle man......then he was part cowboy fighting off the bad guys......then he had his "laptop" in his backpack, just like dad.Then the goggles made a come back and he decided he needed to wear them during breakfast while he ate his banana nut muffin.

And today he was back in the cowboy character sporting a cow-hide vest and his black rain boots...I just didn't get a picture of it. I love this kid!

Monday, July 19, 2010

home is a place to gather

Wow, after moving, going out of town and my camera being out of commission, I have had a hard time finding time and energy for the blog. So I decided I would set a goal for myself this week...to blog every day for a week to get back into the routine. It may be a random thought or it may just be a picture, but it will be something about our lives. So to start things off I will put a picture of our amazing view in the new house (don't worry grandma's pictures of the grandkids are coming). We love our funny little Hawaiian house with all its quirks. Every day we are thankful for this place that God provided for us. We're in the process of painting walls right now (pictures to come) so we're still not quite settled completely but it is a house that fits our needs so well. The kids have space to play, we have space to have friends (old and new) over for gatherings, we have room right now for a friend that needs a place to stay until she can find her own place, we have room for our little homeschool and plenty of room for the neighbor kids to all congregate (pictures to come). I've always thought of our home being a place for others to come and gather with us, so we're thankful to God for giving us a place to do that.

Friday, July 02, 2010

some pics

Thanks to my mom, sister-n-law and mother-n-law I have some documentation of our trip. My camera wouldn't let me download them...something about it having to be initialized and then the pictures got erased. Bummer. House pictures to come as soon as I can get my camera to work.
The whole family portrait

the cousins for some reason cousins bring out the funny side"helping" grandpa with the beans from the garden and my sweet little nephew sleeping on my chest in the background...I love cuddly, sleeping newborns.fun at the water park

visit with Mimi and Papa and cousin T in my friend Jocelyn's gorgeous gardens splashing in the Coolidge Park fountain
children's museum - serving ice cream...Ethan automatically gives the shaka in every picture...poor kids thinks everyone does that for pictures.
eating sushi in the Japanese house