Tuesday, June 28, 2011

photo shoot

My favorite pictures that my friend Sohee took of Lainey...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

different faces of Lainey

This is the "tasting the air" face...people get it confused with "she's hungry because she's sticking her tongue out"...not necessarily true.This is the "get any closer and I'll punch you out" face.This is the "I'm bored" face or the "I'm getting sleepy" face.This is the "serious" or "contemplating" face.And this is the "I'm so done with this photo shoot" face.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


When I was downloading my pictures off my camera I found a bunch of pictures and video clips that Ethan took. So much so that he filled my memory card. Thankfully I have him to record our lives because taking pictures hasn't crossed my mind much lately.

Anyway I thought it was a true representation of my children...and some behavior from a little girl that she would have been disciplined for if I had known about it...she definitely has a bratty side that I can only pray that God will give us the wisdom as parents in molding her little heart. One of these days the boys are going to slug her back and maybe she'll think twice about doing that again.

This video is of Jude...he's our ham.

And this one made me laugh. I can see Ethan as a commentator in his future.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

1 month old

I think I've said she is one month old for the past week that I can't help but think "she's only 1 month old?" But here we are. Our little Lainey has been a part of our family for 1 month. She started out as a pretty easy, content little thing and I thought this transition was going to be pretty easy. But as she's gotten past that sleepy newborn stage her naps have seemed to shorten which is followed by fussiness that can only be helped by holding. Ah, I am thankful for this little girl but I will be so glad to be out of the newborn phase.

We're looking forward to the next few weeks as she continues to be more aware (which may contribute to the lack of longer naps) and content. The kiddo's continue to adore her although she usually responds by crying...especially to Ansley who doesn't understand personal space very much. A sort of smile...

...and then we were done.