Saturday, July 14, 2012

long break

So many times I have thought to update the ol' blog or download some pictures....something. But here we are about 2 months later and I can't find my cord for my camera, so much has happened I don't know where to begin and things are a bit crazy so I haven't had much down time to even collect my thoughts to actually put something into a post.

All that to say I will try to give a quick run down. Hopefully my cord will reappear so I can put some pics on later.

We are staying with my parents right now as we continue to house hunt. We've had a few obstacles thrown our way for housing but we know God has something for us and his timing is perfect. We are still waiting for our things to get here via truck from LA. They are estimating/guessing it will finally get here this week.

We have done tons of St. Louis fun: swimming pool/water park fun, zoo, Grant's Farm, blackberry picking, lunch with friends, tubing on Lake St. Louis with friends, bowling, bike rides, ferry boat riding, Missouri Botanical Gardens, more swimming, playing in the sprinkler on those +100 degree days, playing with cousins, library summer reading program, and probably some things I'm definitely has not been dull.

It will be nice to get settled, find a church home and get connected....but at the same time it has been pretty fun living with family, sharing responsibilities, having built in playmates with cousins and always having someone around.

As the dust settles more, hopefully I'll get back to this bloggy thing. I want to keep our adventure journal going...